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A glimpse of 'Water for All' lab
Delivering Maharashtra
Guided by the philosophy of social impact, it aims to drastically improve the state of Maharashtra and achieve a long-lasting socio-economic transformation.
Using the BFR methodology of Performance Management and Delivering Unit (PEMANDU) Government of Malaysia, the programme will find out realistic and workable solutions to the issues in Maharashtra across key sectors. Water proves to be the most poignant and sensitive issue across rural and urban Maharashtra and needed immediate attention. It was also an issue that was understood to a ‘core issue’ across several other sectors such as agriculture, industry, healthcare, rural development, infrastructure and urban development. Hence, the "WATER" sector became the ‘beacon’ of our Delivering Maharashtra Programme and hence the Water Lab was conducted.
WHERE: Water lab was an extensive, 6-week programme conducted at the University of Mumbai campus at Kalina in Mumbai..
WHEN: The lab started on May 19 and concluded on June 27, 2014.
WHO: The Water Lab consisted of about 90 participants from the government, corporate and non-profit sector along with the teams from PEMANDU and the Delivering Change Foundation
CONNECT: News updates on the Water Lab can be checked here.

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